Our Journey

Our Vision

AIprefer is an innovative hybrid platform allowing accredited investors across the US to access exclusive investment opportunities uniquely tailored to their preferences. This streamlines the process of weeding through mounds of offers and allows investors the ability to invest with confidence in a time-efficient manor.

In 2020 with the volatility of the US and global market looking like a roller coaster ride, it has once again become painfully apparent that too many investors are overly reliant on Wall Street. Realizing the value of diversifying outside the traditional stock market trades, combined with the rise and possibilities afforded by the new SEC enhancement to equity raises and crowdfunding, AIprefer has seized the opportunity to create a new way to build wealth – by directly connecting individual investors with a diverse range of companies seeking capital for their projects.

There are many online investment platforms, but for many investors (either those investing large sums, others who are new to direct investing, or those who want a more personalized experience) the current investment models are ripe for reinvention.

AIprefer’s unique combination of technology and personal touch allows investors to cut through the noise, spending time only on the types of offers that meet their personal investment criteria. Rather than sifting through mounds of emails and offers, AIprefer allows inventors to select personalized parameters and receive only opportunities that will be a strong fit in their portfolio. At the same time, this streamlined approach is a win for companies seeking to raise capital, as it improves efficiency by targeting the right investors for their offer which drastically lowers the cost and time spent raising capital.

Together, we are creating a community where the best individual investors and compnies are working together to maximize wealth and build lasting relationships.

Our Story

AIprefer’s parent company AIconex Solutions was launched in 2016. Intending to combine investment expertise with technology, we provide accredited investors direct access to a wide range of vetted offers, and all the online tools needed to manage those investments.

AIprefer has given 5,000+ investors the ability to confidently invest in a wide range of opportunities, earning returns that, in some cases, have exceeded 20%. The AIprefer platform has seen over 25 million dollars invested, and funded over 50 projects.

Our unique platform is poised to become a global leader and disruption to both traditional investing as well as the newer online investment model. Online/offline balances the best of both worlds, making investing accessible, transparent, efficient, while at the same time personal.

Headquartered in Las Vegas NV, with operations in the Philippines, our parent company AIconex was founded in 2016 by an executive team with more than 50 years of combined experience in development, real estate, software development, online marketing, and private equity.

AIprefer is the provider of premium investment offerings, technology, and services, with a markedly unique approach. Our innovative platform includes an easy-to-use APP and online interface, with which our members can view exclusive offers and invest directly with a few clicks, or connect to speak or live chat with our agents. AIprefer even offers direct access to company representatives for each investment offer.

In addition to our unique investing experience, we also offer investors a chance to network within a vetted community of accredited investors on an exclusive forum. The AIprefer Accredited Investor community is the perfect place to seek and offer insights on investment opportunities and build your own investor syndicate.