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Disruptive Technology

Technology is everywhere and investors are constantly looking for the next disruptive trend. It includes companies involved in research, creation, and distribution of everything from software, to computers, to smart devices, and includes trends like AI, blockchain, the cloud & internet, self-driving cars, SAAS, Cybersecurity, GEO tracking, and streaming services to name a few. Technology changes quickly and returns vary in this dynamic arena, which offered the highest returns of any sector in 2017. It is not without risk and includes investment opportunities in companies both large and small. Whether a new developing brand or a mature giant like Microsoft, they all must innovate to survive.

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Entertainment & Gaming

Some of the most exciting discussions between investors and entrepreneurs today involve the evolution of social media and what the next generation of transformational entertainment platforms will look like. The future of the entertainment industry will be influenced by corporate mega-mergers and the political implications of FCC regulations. Driven by technology, the underlying forces are the advances in artificial intelligence and computing power, which are resulting in the merging of gaming and storytelling into new interactive media. Social Media has become its own industry of entertainment with huge advertising opportunities and much discussion around social responsibility. All of this translates into large-scale revenues.

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Saas, or Software-as-a-Service, is a software licensing and cloud delivery model, including solutions like Google Drive and Adobe. Cloud-based platforms are now preferred because they are safer, easier, and cheaper to use. International Data Corporation predicts that by 2021, SaaS sales will reach $200 Billion. Opportunities exist for disruptive upstarts who can create new solutions and challenge larger companies that are slow to adjust. The industry-wide practice to measure results is the Revenue Retention Rate, or RRR, measuring money existing customers spent in the first year compared to the money spent the following year. As more businesses adopt the SaaS model, investors should take notice.

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Renewable Energy

Because energy is necessary for every aspect of modern life, many investors have “seen the light” and are funding alternative sources like wind, solar, and hydroelectric power. Opportunities are varied in technology, innovation, and manufacturing. The American Wind Energy Association records show that 105.6 GW total wind capacity has supplied around 2.5% of the US’ energy requirements. And hydropower is America’s largest source of green energy, representing 16% of all renewable energy produced in the US. Observers believe the market is worth more than $100 billion annually. Renewable Energy has an eco-friendly contribution with the potential for long-term investment returns and lucrative tax benefits.

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Blockchain is a database that stores data in chained chronological blocks as a “decentralized immutable ledger.” This means that transactions are permanently recorded and viewable to anyone. And Cryptocurrency is a payment method you can utilize online to purchase goods and services as cash equivalents. According to, the cryptocurrency market is projected to reach 1.40 billion USD by 2024. Entrepreneurs looking to launch a new cryptocurrency can do it through an initial coin offering (ICO). Real estate tokenization marries real estate investing and blockchain technology, allowing owners to raise capital more efficiently and offers unprecedented access to private real estate investments.

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States, where cannabis is legal show high growth, and many more, are on the path to legalization. The passage of the 218 Farm Bill allows many states to grow and transport industrial hemp for commercial reasons. Hemp’s fiber is environmentally friendly to make paper, construction materials, and clothing. CBD oils are also gaining acceptance from the medical community, with treatments for anxiety, stress, diabetes, and cancer symptoms. Diversification of investments in this sector is key due to the volatility of governmental controls. Rising demand and record sales lead many speculative investors to view it as one of the best long-term opportunities in the market.

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Emerging Trends

TPI strives to represent an evolving array of offers across multiple industry sectors. As the global business climate changes, so will our offerings. A few of the current emerging markets we are actively following include health technology, space exploration, genomics, virtual reality, and global water resources. Many of these industries are driven by developing new solutions to global challenges and have the potential for positive environmental and social impact as well as profits, which is a true win-win situation. As innovative business segments emerge our offerings will also evolve. And if there is a segment of interest that you don’t see - reach out to us!

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