Raise Capital

Raising capital is a huge process, so daunting many shy away and others just fail before they start.

What document assets do I need?

Where do I find investors?

How do I nurture their Interest?


These are the obvious big questions.

You need to understand what investors face daily. What is the best process to make the “investor journey” lead to your legal docs as an investment to you? Understanding the sequences and creating the right process are all things we can help you achieve.

Can you target your time to high-probability investors?

AIprefer can provide highly targeted leads that fit exactly the type of investor your looking for. Investors are verified as Accredited Investors before they are available to you. Their redacted profile is made available to you for review before you accept them as a lead.

How do you build an investor network?

Buy leads as you go to fit the timeline of your capital raise. It’s a low-cost barrier at $199 per year, giving you the option to try before you buy. Lead pricing is tiered to suit entry-level and fit your budget. Schedule an appointment with an Account Executive today.

Not sure how to communicate your offer?

We can help with all your marketing assets. From video persona creation and explainer videos to landing pages that inform and capture attention. We have experience with what works and the best sequence of emails to grow your investor network.

Need guidance on legal docs and financial models?

We can guide or prepare your Private Placement Memorandum, Proforma, Accreditation verification, and Subscription documents for your attorney to review and approve. We don’t replace your attorney but we help the process go smoother with greater efficacy.

How do you track all the leads and build relationships?

We are HubSpot certified and can help set up and manage your CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Building a list of interested investors is key to long-term success. We can train and manage a dedicated account manager for your investor network.

Your success is our success!

AIprefer’s experienced team guides you through the entire operation, from offer creation to lead generation and documentation. Your dedicated investment team will provide all the tools you need for a successful raise.

The Fundraising Process- GET STARTED

Apply now

1. Apply

Complete our quick onboarding form and set up a time to speak with one of our fundraising specialists to get you started asap!

2. We help you create an offer campaign

Follow our simple process to aid you in creating an engaging offer. Photos and videos are a must. If you don’t have these in your current tool kit, the AIprefer team can help you create them.

3. We help ensure all the tools are in place

Our experienced AIprefer team will ensure you have all legal documents and systems in place to ensure a successful investor journey to your door.

4. We launch your offer and you meet your funding goals faster

Utilizing our proprietary list of targeted accredited investors, we will get your offer in front of as many potential investors as soon as possible. We can also keep your campaign open to take advantage of overfunding.

3 Reasons to take action now!

Time is the enemy

Deals can be lost waiting for capital. With systems that improve efficiency with pre-qualified leads, you can do deals faster with less effort, and spend your time doing what you do best while the contributions stream in. AIprefer saves you time and money in the process.

Friction-less process

AIprefer offers the simplest way to raise capital. Fundraising no longer needs to feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. We streamline every part of the process, from creating documents to publishing offerings and accrediting potential investors.

Easy investor connections

While our platform is online, AIprefer also offers offline investing at every stage of the process, with options for investors to speak live with our investment specialists. This hybrid model offers you access to more diverse investors than other binary options.